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Kidosu Herbal Acne pimple cream

-A fair and flawless skin are parts of the beauty requirements,as a face that full of pimples will cause the eclipse of delicate features.Face acne problem is always a concern,as everyone is figuring out the best solution to get rid of it

-Removes Pimples,Acne & Blackhead
-Lighten Acne Scars&Marks
-Minimize Pores
-Rejuvenate Skin
-Cool Refreshing Feel
-Repair Allergy Skin

Target To:
Pimples,acne,blackhead,acne scars,dull skin,allergy,bacteria infection,graze,cuts ,eczema,inflammation,wound infection,wound healing,dermatophytosis,tinea versicolor,tinea pedis

Suitable For:
All skin type ,acne skin ,sensitive skin.It safe for pregnant ladies and kids.

How to use:
-Apply appropriate amount to the affected area after skin cleansing and routine skincare.
-Can reapplied on severe acne skin as frequent as needed.

Active ingredient Lists:
Paeonia albiflora root extract,melaleuca alternifolia (Tea Tree)Leaf Powder,Ginseng Extract,Margarita Powder ,Angelica sinensis Extract,Atractylodes Macrocephala ,Salvia miltorrhiza root extract,Centeria Asiatica Extract
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