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Iris Hair Color Anti Yellow Toner 60ml



-Anti yellow toner removes unwanted yellow tone on bleached hair.

-This results i a perfect,shiny blonde hair which is also the precursor of a clean and unblemished fashion shade upon colouring with our color creme.

-IRIS Anti Yellow Toner contains molecules that interact with the yellow pigments in our hair to neutralize them and to give us better a colouring result.


1)60ML yellow toner mix100ml developer and wait 30 minutes.

2)If  mix with color just follow the ratio of color tube

Example: A 100ml of IRIS 8.1 will be mixed with 50ml of IRIS Anti Yellow Toner and 225ml of IRIS Developer for the medium anti-yellow scenario.

How it works

For instance, when silver dye is applied, the yellowness interacts with the silver pigments, resulting in a matt and greenish look instead. (Silver + Yellow = Matt/Green)

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