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Naturplex Squid Ink Treatment Color Cream 2X250G

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NET : 250G x2


Squid ink melanin in the hair of black people have a similar molecular structure itseupnida. In addition, a soothing scalp Inside ink, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-inflammatory ingredients that act as two feet in LA block by minimizing the extant jumyeo dandruff, itching, and suppression dupiyeom rumored that will greatly benefit, therefore, excessive hair chemical process can be omitted said pigment of the hair for chimchamyi significantly reduce damage to produce vivid colors.

Henna Extract

Henna hair treatment efficacy extract is excellent for maintaining healthy scalp and dandruff with anti-microbial role do preventive jumyeo and coating of the hair growth that is responsible.


- Ammonia Free 不含氨气

- Paraben Free 不含防腐剂

- Squid Ink 乌贼提取物

- Henna Extract 指甲花纤维取物

- No any harmful chemical 無任何有害化學物質

4 kind of colors give special energy and healthy hair care

Colors available in 4N, 5N, 6CB, 6VB

4 Colors 四种颜色 :

- 4N (Dark Brown)

- 5N (Natural Brown)

- 6CB (Copper Brown)

- 6VB (Violet Brown)

Direction of use:

 1. Combine color cream and oxidizing agent in a color bowl and mixed in a ratio of 1:1. 

 2. After application, let sit for 20minutes - 30minutes. The longer the time, the deeper the color. 

 3. Rinse your hair with warm water.

▸Using Natural Squid Ink and Henna Extract purify

▸Effective to covering the grey hair and reduce scalp sensative and irritation

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